What specifically does a Health and Lifestyle Coach do?  What are the benefits of a holistic approach?

A Health and Lifestyle Coach assesses the issues and the root cause/s of the issues. In many cases, a client may have a weight or a specific dietary problem, but unless the career and personal circumstances are understood, it is difficult to prescribe a solution.  For example, I have seen clients with busy travel schedules try to manage a dietary plan that is impossible to maintain given flying times and lounge times during layovers.

My approach once we have assessed the problem is to come up with a solution that is optimal given the objectives and lifestyle of the client. For example, if you want to lose weight,  you may opt to do a blood-group diet, paleo or an elimination diet, but if you are looking to improve your immunity, then you may consider juicing.  If you are experiencing sugar cravings, then I would help you deconstruct your cravings by finding healthier alternatives and address the issues that lead you to these cravings. All of this needs to be done in conjunction with an assessment of who you are as a person and what is a reasonable and sustainable solution for you.  I take into account your work, career, family, habits and emotional issues as I determine the optimal solution.

Where do you practice?  How can I reach you?

I am flexible on location if you are based in Singapore. Currently, I conduct most of my meetings either at the Singapore American Club, 10 Claymore Hill or on Skype.

How do I pay for your services?

You can pay by Cash, Cheque or Paypal.  I can provide details post our first meeting.